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With roots deep in the Amazon rainforest, Pachamama Alliance is a global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all. As a primary tool for transformation, Pachamama focuses on creating transformational digital content aimed at awakening viewers to a new worldview. 

Working with Pachamama Alliance, we took their cornerstone transformational course--Awakening The Dreamer-- and re-produced it, updating the overall narrative and visuals to be more contemporary and relevant. We also produced a set of videos geared toward telling the PA story to potential donors. The updated content has brought a new energy and vitality to the core Pachamama community of change-makers. 


As a step toward updating the UX/UI for their immersive "Journeys" program, telepathic conceptualized and executed a redesign to the Journeys landing page. We are excited to do more work with Pachamama Alliance in 2018. 


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